We currently focus on producing sustainable Hydrogen gas and high-value carbon products.

CarbonMeta Research is a subsidiary of CarbonMeta Technologies, Inc. that has transitioned into a waste reclamation enterprise to embrace and aid a much-needed change for our planet: sustainability. We’re proud to be an active participant in the growing Circular Economy. This new ESG-Mandate will guide our business both in practice and ethics

CarbonMeta Research will focus its efforts to address the global need for efficient, sustainable waste management solutions. The Company will develop and use proven technologies to process organic waste into hydrogen and high-value carbon products for customers in the automotive, aviation, medical and construction industries, as well as supply its Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) for the next-generation of clean energy transportation.

Working cooperatively with university and industry partners, CarbonMeta Research plans to implement new industrial processes that process plastics waste using inexpensive, environmentally friendly catalysts to yield hydrogen and high value carbon products. Using proprietary and patented technologies, collected plastic waste material can be “upcycled” to high value products such as hydrogen gas, graphene and carbon nanotubes.

With dedication to sustainability guardianship, CarbonMeta Research commits itself towards what should be a universal goal; Helping the environment so our planet can continue to thrive, even after we’re gone. The process will not be easy or instantaneous, but it is our calling to be stewards of this planet. It’s time to answer that call.

We encourage you to join us on this brand-new journey for a brighter, better tomorrow. We must never fear change but embrace it. We are CarbonMeta Research.


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