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CarbonMeta Research Hire Esteemed University of Oxford Academic Sergio González-Cortés as Director of Research & Development

OXFORD, UK and WOODINVILLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / July 19, 2022 / CarbonMeta Research Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of CarbonMeta Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK:COWI), announced today RENOWNED resource reclamation company CarbonMeta Technologies’ subsidiary CarbonMeta Research announce the hire of University of Oxford academic, Sergio González-Cortés, to its board of directors.

González-Cortés joins CarbonMeta Research as Director of Research & Development, with over 20 years’ experience in heterogenous catalysis for the oil and gas industry.

In conjunction with his new role at CarbonMeta Research, González-Cortés works as a Senior Researcher at the University of Oxford, developing advanced applications of dielectric heating in a variety of catalytic processes for the petrochemical and renewable energy industry. Prior to this, González-Cortés worked for 10 years at the University of Los Andes in Venezuela.

In his role, González-Cortés will head CarbonMeta Research’s research and development division, utilising his research conducted at the University of Oxford, and his vast expertise and skillset.

“Throughout my career, including at the University of Oxford, I have been enthusiastic about discovering new catalyst technology and finding solutions for the sustainable development of the chemical industry. This is an area of science that is really driving forward and transforming industry as we know it,” commented Sergio Gonzaléz-Cortés, new Research & Development Director at CarbonMeta Research. “I am looking forward to working with such an esteemed team of scientists, researchers, engineers and professionals to spearhead the development of catalysis research and advanced technologies, with the goal to address our world’s most pressing climate issues.”

González-Cortés has worked on CarbonMeta Research’s Intellectual Property (IP) since the beginning of the project with the university, and will be sourcing new IP in this role. CarbonMeta Research’s partnerships and projects will be steered by González-Cortés, such as with an upcoming opportunity for the company in Spain.

González-Cortés has published nearly 90 papers and several reviews throughout his career, as well as editing two books on advanced catalysis for renewable energy and sustainable chemistry.

“Sergio is a coveted academic and has developed a wide-ranging portfolio of research. CarbonMeta Research Ltd is in a really pivotal stage. We have already begun, and we are in the midst of developing some world-class technology for a sustainable future,” said Mohammed Khalil, Managing Director of CarbonMeta Research. “We are extremely pleased to have a scientist of Sergio’s caliber leading our R&D efforts in microwave catalysis and carbon sequestration. Sergio has a proven track record of developing breakthrough innovations and will help the company develop a broad portfolio of competitive patents.”

CarbonMeta Technologies processes organic wastes and generates economically sustainable hydrogen and high-value carbon products. CarbonMeta’s process includes plastic and construction waste upcycling to help address the world’s pollution and climate crises.

The announcement follows CarbonMeta Technologies’ recent ‘plastic waste to hydrogen’ trial launch in partnership with Oxford University academics, commercialising a process to turn plastic waste into clean hydrogen fuel and high-value carbon nanomaterials.

CarbonMeta Technologies also recently announced that its ‘EarthCrete’, a cementless concrete, passed initial tests at the University of Oxford, confirming the product is carbon-negative.

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CarbonMeta Technologies (OTC PINK:COWI) is a resource reclamation company that will process organic wastes and generate economically sustainable hydrogen and high-value carbon products. CarbonMeta’ s includes plastic and construction waste upcycling to help address the world’s pollution and climate crises. The company is based in Woodinville, Washington, and has several subsidiaries, each with its own focus on high-value solutions for environmental sustainability. For more information about CarbonMeta Technologies and its subsidiaries, please visit

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