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CarbonMeta Technologies (COWI) and Salvum Partner to Deliver EarthCrete(TM) Pavers to Supernova Energy

First project will be a commercial solar panel installation project in California

WOODINVILLE, WA and SANTA ANA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 15, 2022 / CarbonMeta Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK:COWI) and Salvum Corporation today announced they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a joint cooperation to deliver EarthCrete™ Cementless Concrete Pavers to Supernova Energy Corporation.

The partnership’s first project will include delivery of EarthCrete™ Cementless Concrete Pavers for a commercial solar panel installation project in California.

“We are excited to work with Salvum on supplying sustainable and renewable construction products to Supernova Energy, a leading provider of commercial and residential solar panel solutions,” said Lloyd Spencer, president and CEO of CarbonMeta. “Through this partnership, CarbonMeta and Salvum can develop and deliver building products that mitigate climate change by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) for renewable energy projects.”

Installing EarthCrete™ Cementless Concrete Pavers offers construction contractors and their customers a lower carbon footprint alternative compared with traditional building materials.

“We are thrilled to be working with CarbonMeta and Salvum to help Supernova Energy continue delivering cutting-edge renewable energy solutions,” said Christopher Bridwell, CEO of Supernova Energy. “Working together, we can deliver renewable energy solutions that also use construction products that can help mitigate climate change.”

About Supernova Energy Corporation
Supernova Energy Corporation, headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, provides a multitude of commercial solar solutions specifically tailored for commercial or residential application, including stainless steel hardware used in each installation to assure long life performance. Supernova retains civil, structural and electrical engineering partners as needed for each project to guarantee your system installation is designed to the highest standards, in compliance with state and local building codes.

For more information about Supernova Energy Corporation, please visit https://SupernovaEnergy.Solar/

About Salvum Corporation
Salvum Corporation is headquartered in Santa Ana, California. Salvum’s mission is to set the highest standard for safe, protective, durable, cradle-to cradle, recycled, Earth Conscious® and decarbonized building materials that uniquely address and overcome existing limitations of current materials using Salvum’s proprietary technologies that decarbonize the planet, specifically addressing the embodied carbon dilemma of the built environment.

For more information about Salvum Corporation, please visit and

About CarbonMeta Technologies Inc.
CarbonMeta Technologies (OTC PINK:COWI) is a resource reclamation company that will process organic wastes and generate economically sustainable hydrogen and high-value carbon products. CarbonMeta’s includes plastic and construction waste upcycling to help address the world’s pollution and climate crises. The company is based in Woodinville, Washington, and has several subsidiaries, each with its own focus on high-value solutions for environmental sustainability.

For more information about CarbonMeta Technologies and its subsidiaries, please visit

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