Board of Directors

The leadership team brings decades of leadership in key areas such as strategy implementation, technology development, and operational management, all of which will be vital to the success of CarbonMeta Research and CarbonMeta Technologies.


Lloyd T. Spencer

Chairman of the Board

Lloyd Spencer serves as the Chairman of CarbonMeta Research Ltd., and as the President and CEO of its parent company, CarbonMeta Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Spencer has a passion for researching new technologies that can solve today’s problems – including biochemistry, robotics & additive manufacturing. As well, he is a pragmatic entrepreneur who has experience launching and funding microcap companies collaboratively with investors, engineers and technologists. He has over 35 years of experience in in public company management, strategic business planning, engineering, marketing, sales and partner management.

Mr. Spencer received his Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University in 1980 with a major in Biology and Animal Science and with an emphasis in Immunogenetics.

Mohammed khalil

Mohammed Khalil

Managing Director

Mr. Khalil serves on the Board of Directors of CarbonMeta Research Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of CarbonMeta Technologies, Inc., and as the Managing Director of the subsidiary company.

Mr. Khalil is the co-founder of EcoMENA, an award-winning environmental platform that fosters sustainability, waste management and renewable energy in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Mr. Khalil is also the Director and Co-Founder of Fusor Tech, an additive manufacturing company based in England that is focused on producing advanced metal parts and additive manufacturing technologies for the space, oil & gas, marine and medical industries.


Dr. Tiancun Xiao

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Xiao is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and has contributed to the development of novel catalysts and corresponding process for microwave assisted catalysis, which can selectively break C-H or C-C bonds in hydrocarbons, including natural gas, liquid hydrocarbon, wax and polymers such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and tyres.

Dr Xiao has rich experiences in commercializing patents and transferring to industrial operations. He co-founded Oxford Catalyst Ltd in 2004, now rebranded as Velocys. He is also a co-founder of OxCCU Tech Ltd, a spinout company from Oxford University focusing on thermally catalysis in converting CO2 into aviation fuel or valuable chemicals.

mark new

Mark Duiker

Corporate Secretary

Mr. Duiker serves as the Corporate Secretary of CarbonMeta Research Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of CarbonMeta Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Duiker is president of Celes Ventures, a full service international commercial agency based in The Netherlands that specializes in the sale, and acquisition of products and services in various industries. Celes Ventures offers commercial market research, acquisition services, supplier relationship management, and account management.


Sergio González-Cortés

Director of Research & Development

González-Cortés joined CarbonMeta Research as Director of Research & Development, with over 20 years’ experience in heterogenous catalysis for the oil and gas industry.

In conjunction with his new role at CarbonMeta Research, González-Cortés works as a Senior Researcher at the University of Oxford, developing advanced applications of dielectric heating in a variety of catalytic processes for the petrochemical and renewable energy industry. Prior to this, González-Cortés worked for 10 years at the University of Los Andes in Venezuela.

González-Cortés has worked on CarbonMeta Research’s Intellectual Property (IP) since the beginning of the project with the university, and will be sourcing new IP in this role. CarbonMeta Research’s partnerships and projects will be steered by González-Cortés, such as with an upcoming opportunity for the company in Spain.

González-Cortés has published nearly 90 papers and several reviews throughout his career, as well as editing two books on advanced catalysis for renewable energy and sustainable chemistry.


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